Relocating to London

Are you interested in moving to London? Well, you’ve made a great choice and found the right place. London’s one of the best cities in the world and is a truly amazing place to live. However, there are loads of important things you need to know before you make your big move. Hopefully , his blog will clarify the process and address some of the important issues you might come across. Firstly get a proper visa if you’re not from the UK or EU.

Where to Live in London?

If you’re moving to London you’re going to need to decide where to live. Do some research before you go by browsing forums and Facebook groups to get some advice. Alternatively, rent accommodation first before you are absolutely certain what area is right for you. Don’t rush into a sale; property in London is expensive and regrets can be costly, but getting it right the first time is absolutely worth it.

How much should I spend on accommodation?

Renting in London can be pretty expensive. You’ll pay more for a flat or house in London than the majority of other cities in the UK. When you’re looking at options, you should note that the price listed is usually the price per week unless stated otherwise, even though you’ll still pay monthly. This is just a ploy to try and get people to forget how much they’re actually spending. Also keep in mind that you probably aren’t going to pay the weekly price multiplied by 4. You’re actually going to be charged around 4.3 times the weekly rate. How much your actually budget is will dependent entirely on your income and means.

How do I find a place?

Estate Agents

If you’re going to be staying on your own the most common option is just using an estate agent. Estate agents have access to a wide range of properties and might be able to advice on areas and can help you find those hidden gems. Alternatively, search some new-build residential projects. As London is always expanding, you will always be able to find a development. Getting there first can help you secure fantastic accommodation in a great location. Have a look at Lodha Group in Lincoln Square if you want a superb place in a phenomenal location. You can also check out listings from multiple agents on websites like:

Living with Other People & Finding a Flatshare

If you’re going to live with other people in a flatshare and would prefer not to use an estate agent then try some of these sites: Essentially Spareroom will match you up with your perfect room mate. Kind of like a dating site but for finding roomies. It’s the same concept as Spareroom.

Reddit London Homes: This is a forum that you can use to find roommates or homes.

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