Holiday Destination Guide

Your options are endless! There are fantastic resources available to guide your travels so that you can find amazing eco-destinations. There are literally thousands of destinations to choose from so you are sure to find something close to home to cut those air miles and something within your budget.

There are a few things you need to think about and weigh before choosing your destination. The best thing to do is to compile a list with some key information. Firstly find out how much leave you have available and then look at your budget, bear in mind the currency exchange rates, what time of the year you’ll be travelling, and do you want to stay in a hotel, or self catering accommodation.

You can also look about online for codes, coupons and deals that can considerably reduce the cost of a holiday. For example to get money off a Thomas Cook holiday just have a look at the link and see if there is anything that suits your needs.

Once you have these factors you can decide what type of holiday you’re looking for. Are you interested in a fuss free relaxed holiday where you can spend time chilling out at the beach or enjoying nature? Or do you want to visit somewhere you’ve never been to? Do you want to do some thing worth while like through hiking trails and camping? When you’ve figured out your values and holiday expectation you have a much more solid idea on where you would like to go. You can then use the tools out there to find the holiday destination most suited to your needs and requirement.

Keep up to date on the latest holidays and destinations with us. We post regular news on fantastic holiday options.

Find below a few lists of the top eco-ranking cities to begin your search.

Eco-City Ranking 2010 includes the following criteria: Water availability, water potability, waste removal, sewage, air pollution and traffic congestion. Here is the eco-city ranking divided up into continents or world areas:


Eco-City Ranking of Continents



  • Calgary (1st)
  • Honolulu (2nd)
  • Ottawa (3rd)
  • Minneapolis (6th)
  • Vancouver (tied 13th)
  • Montreal (tied 13th)


Asia Pacific

  • Wellington (5th)
  • Adelaide (7th)
  • Kobe (9th)
  • Perth (12th)
  • Auckland (13th)



  • Helsinki (3rd)
  • Copenhagen (8th)
  • Oslo (tied 9th)
  • Stockholm (tied 9th)
  • Nurnberg (tied 13th)
  • Bern (tied 13th)


Middle East & Africa

  • Cape Town (30th)
  • Victoria (38th)
  • Muscat (48th)
  • Johannesburg (54th)
  • Abu Dhabi (tied 65th)
  • Dubai (tied 65th


Vienna might be the best city in the world as far as quality of living is concerned, but Calgary and Honolulu top the charts as eco-cities with clear skies, clean water and open roads.

This is according to the Mercer 2010 Quality of Living survey.

The scores were tabulated with New York City serving as a base city with a score of 100. The oft-mentioned Green NYC is not in the top 10 or the top 50, and is probably not even among the top 100 eco-cities in the world.

Listed below are the top 50 eco-cities in the world

1       CALGARY                        CANADA

2       HONOLULU                     UNITED STATES

3       OTTAWA                          CANADA

4       HELSINKI                        FINLAND

5       WELLINGTON                NEW ZEALAND

6       MINNEAPOLIS              UNITED STATES

7       ADELAIDE                       AUSTRALIA

8       COPENHAGEN                DENMARK

9       KOBE                                   JAPAN

10    OSLO                                   NORWAY

11    STOCKHOLM                    SWEDEN

12    PERTH                                AUSTRALIA

13    MONTREAL                      CANADA

14    VANCOUVER                   CANADA

15    NURNBERG                       GERMANY

16    AUCKLAND                       NEW ZEALAND

17    BERN                                    SWITZERLAND

18    PITTSBURGH                     UNITED STATES

19    ZURICH                                SWITZERLAND

20    ABERDEEN                         UNITED KINGDOM

21    CANBERRA                         AUSTRALIA

22    SINGAPORE                       SINGAPORE

23    BRISBANE                          AUSTRALIA

24    WASHINGTON                  UNITED STATES

25    MELBOURNE                     AUSTRALIA

26    GENEVA                              SWITZERLAND

27    BOSTON                               UNITED STATES

28    DUSSELDORF                    GERMANY

29    MUNICH                             GERMANY

30    CAPE TOWN                      SOUTH AFRICA

31    BELFAST                             UNITED KINGDOM

32    LYON                                    FRANCE

33    DUBLIN                               IRELAND

34    HAMBURG                         GERMANY

35    STUTTGART                      GERMANY


37    YOKOHAMA                     JAPAN

38    VICTORIA                          SEYCHELLES

39    TORONTO                           CANADA

40    AMSTERDAM                   NETHERLANDS

41    BRUSSELS                           BELGIUM

42    LEIPZIG                               GERMANY

43    ST. LOUIS                            UNITED STATES

44    VIENNA                               AUSTRIA

45    LUXEMBOURG                  LUXEMBOURG

46    SYDNEY                               AUSTRALIA

47    GLASGOW                            UNITED KINGDOM

48    MUSCAT                               OMAN

49    POINT-A-PITRE                GUADELOUPE

50    NAGOYA& OSAKA           JAPAN


From the lists we can deduct that:

  • European cities dominate the top 10 ranking for Quality of living, with Canada, New Zealand and Australia also featuring
  • Vienna scores highest for overall quality of living, Baghdad the lowest
  • Calgary is the world’s top in the Eco-city ranking, followed by Honolulu, with Ottawa and Helsinki in joint 3rd place

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