25 American Adventures You Have To Try

To quote Gwen Bell, “When you write your goals the whole world opens up in front of you.”  I so agree.  It is amazing how easy it is to lose track of your goals and dreams when you are occupied with daily life and it is even more amazing how powerful your dreams become once you commit them to page.

So why not start listing your goals whether it be places you want to visit, things you want to accomplish, or mountains you want to conquer.  Let’s start ticking these babies off.

This is just the beginning of a list of all the American adventures I want to someday experience.  I expect this list to keep growing and growing as I start crossing some of them off and discovering even more places.


  1. Revisit Alaska’s Chilkoot Trail
  2. Hike Kauai’s Kalalau Trail
  3. Explore Southern Utah’s Grand Gulch
  4. Camp on Isle Royale
  5. Conquer Teewinot in the Tetons
  6. Complete the Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon
  7. Climb in the Red River Gorge
  8. Hike the entire John Muir Trail
  9. Raft down the Green River
  10. Canoe the Boundary Waters
  11. Explore New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon
  12. Bike the Maah Daah Hey Trail in North Dakota
  13. Swim in the Havasupai Falls
  14. Backpack in Wyoming’s Wind River Range
  15. Ski the Birkebeiner
  16. Climb Fisher Towers
  17. See Oregon’s Crater Lake
  18. Climb Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park
  19. Run Through the Redwoods
  20. See Everett Reuss’s Carving in Davis Gulch
  21. Cross-Country Ski in the Methow Valley
  22. Tour New Mexico Hot Springs
  23. Kayak the Maine Island Trail
  24. Raft the Salmon River
  25. Hike Through Giant Saguaros

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